Embracing Our Changing World Once Again

Here we are, facing the world as we have come to know it, changing- again.  Uggghhhh….CHANGE!  We tackled an uncertain world  in 2020 like most of us never envisioned.  The world shut down and we have patiently waited for society to reopen.  Some of us embraced this change and some of us loathed every minute of it. But now that we have become accommodated to social distancing and the lack of socializing at large- many of us are nervous to return to what we previously regarded as “normal”.

Throughout this journey it has been difficult to manage your own personal feelings, let alone your family’s thoughts, and the mindset of your friends as well. Not everyone has the same level of comfort and many have privately tackled COVID safety the best they could for their family. 

If you have been diligent on checking for vaccine appointments, you likely are vaccinated by now or soon will be, and will be given the green light (even if somewhat altered) to do tasks once deemed “dangerous”. 

How do you deal with change? What is your initial reaction to announcements of change? Do you immediately speak up about your concerns or hold back your fears? Do you privately commiserate with your friends/coworkers on what these changes entail? Or do you willingly embrace change and accept it while running through a mental field of wildflowers? 

We all perceive, handle, and deal with change in our own ways. Some naturally deal with change easier while some may need to teach themselves to hold back their initial reactions. 

With age comes wisdom and more opportunities for growing. I’m sure we can all recall a moment where our reaction was less than ideal to change. I know that I have tried to be cautious of my habit to speak quickly without phrasing my words in the best tone. This is a purposeful tactic that some have to continuously  work on to ensure others perceptions of the speaker are not too harsh. 

Here are some helpful articles on dealing with the anxiety surrounding CHANGE…