Caring for your loved one just got easier.

As a licensed Occupational Therapist and Senior Home Safety Specialist, I guide families who want to “Age in Place” or remain in their home settings safely through the aging process. Through comprehensive home safety assessments and implementing fall prevention strategies… it’s never too late OR too early to get started. Call for a consultation about the needs of yourself or a loved one and I’ll do the rest.

I am passionate about your healthcare.

My name is Melissa Swiontek and I have 19 years of experience as an Occupational Therapist, the last 14 of which were spent in the Portland market treating home bound clients. I have also gained certification as a Senior Home Safety Specialist.

As a healthcare advocate for you/your loved one, I can:

  • Develop an individualized wellness care plan and fall prevention plan
  • Assist with safely aging in place– identifying needs and finding resources to make your daily life easier
  • Provide comprehensive home safety assessment and thorough modification recommendations
  • Provide medical equipment recommendations/training, home modification recommendations, and personal referrals to get the job done
  • Help navigate the healthcare system to receive quality care
  • Attend medical appointments with you/your loved one
  • Assist with medication management
  • Thorough communication with approved family members

Your health is my mission

Specialized Services

Home Safety Assessment

Comprehensive 240 point home safety assessement

Medical alert systems- Electronic Caregiver

Gift Certificates

Fall Prevention


Fall Prevention Tips