Hello, my name is Melissa Swiontek

I am the founder of Passionate Healthcare Advocacy and Wellness, LLC. I am originally from Central NY and went on to earn my degree from University of Pittsburgh. We have settled in the Pacific Northwest and couldn’t be happier with the outdoor adventures this has allowed us. My husband and I have two elementary age boys and have relocated our entire family to this area which provides us with a wonderful support system.

I have worked as an Occupational Therapist for 20 years in various settings with the last 14 years in home health treating home bound clients. Through this service I have found many holes in the system where an individual or family may need personal care not otherwise attainable through traditional settings. Not all of us have family members who can assist with their healthcare management, and I would love the opportunity to do this for you or your loved one!

What can Passionate Healthcare Advocacy & Wellness help you with?

  • Custom Wellness Plans- promoting occupational therapy principles which develop, recover, improve, as well as maintain the skills needed for daily living
  • Navigating the Healthcare System
    • Assist with organizing medical records including medication lists, healthcare history, POLST, advanced directives
    • Transportation assistance/set up for medical appointments
    • Advocacy for medical appointments including attending medical appointments if desired
  • Medication management assistance- education, organization, and helpful tools for accuracy with taking prescribed medications through coordination with MD
  • Medical equipment and home modification recommendations issued by a Senior Home Safety Specialist. Providing thorough home safety evaluation with recommendations for present and future modifications.
  • Fall Prevention assessment/training, floor recovery training.
  • Strong network of professionals for home health, home care, contractors, estate planning and senior housing referrals
  • Assist in engaging in meaningful and recreational activities
  • Counseling and socialization
  • Art therapy

What sets Passionate Healthcare Advocacy & Wellness apart from others?

  • As a licensed Occupational Therapist and Senior Home Safety Specialist, I have vast experience and understanding of home safety and modification recommendations for fall prevention.
  • Promoting independence while maintaining safety is our primary wellness principle.
  • We assist in problem solving & modifying any difficulties with self care.
  • We educate & counsel family members on cognitive decline and compensation strategies.
  • We develop a custom fitness and wellness program for a healthy lifestyle, individual to each client.
  • Fair and flexible pricing- up front cost discussion/analysis, regular adjustments to care plan
  • We come to you- always, offering individualized attention
  • Able to work with partners in same household vs. only individuals
  • Work directly with family members/POA/MD offices keeping communication open and effective

What to expect when you start

  • Call for a complimentary consultation over the phone to see how I can help you/your loved one. Honest direct advice with great referral network if you are needing a different type of service
  • Schedule an in-home assessment to discuss physical, mental, emotional, and environmental aspects of health- develop a comprehensive care plan based on your individual needs
  • Regularly scheduled in-home care appointments to reach and maintain your healthcare goals
  • Affordable pricing

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