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  • Are you caring for your parents, grandparents, or loved ones?
  • Are you juggling the responsibilities of caregiving with taking care of your own family, maintaining your career, and balancing your own needs?
  • Are you prepared to help them if they fall, their health deteriorates, or when they require additional time, money, or emotional support?

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Aging Life Care Mangement®

90% of seniors report they want to age in place, but only 15% of seniors are properly prepared to do so. Our services focus on clients striving to age in place, or age as safely as possible in other settings, by providing professional guidance and care plan management.

What is aging in place?

Aging in place means an older adult is making a conscious decision to stay in the environment of their choice for as long as they can with the comforts that are important to them. As they age, this may include adding supplementary services to facilitate their living conditions and maintain their quality of life. Fall prevention is key to successful aging in place.

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Fall Prevention

Every year, approximately one-third of adults 65 or older fall in their home, and half of those over the age of 80 fall annually. Falls result in injury, long-term disability, and premature loss of independence. This is a preventable epidemic.

Education & Training

If you’re a family caregiver looking for support, or a caregiving company looking to prepare your staff for the complex needs of an aging population, contact Passionate Healthcare Advocacy & Wellness today.

Looking for a Medical Alert System?

We can support you in finding a medical alert system that fits your specific needs.

We recommend StackCare. StackCare used discreet motion sensors and artificial intelligence to learn individual behavior and activity patterns, sending direct notifications to a caregiver’s phone.

There are no cameras, no microphones, nothing to wear, and no batteries to change.

Simple to use, simple to install, delivered in 1-2 business days, and cost-effective.

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